This is the open beta of OpenDominion. As the game is still in development, not all features are present and some bugs may occur.

Next Round: 19

Open for Registration

Registration for round 19 is open.

The round starts on 2020-07-08 18:00:00 and lasts for 50 days.

Previous Round Rankings

1 Display of Power (#28) 8,678 -
2 🔱 Every things better down where it's wetter 💦 (#24) 7,001 -
3 Fervor (#13) 6,850 2
4 uWu (#17) 6,598 -
5 No spare parts on hand (#9) 6,576 2
6 Igniculus (#1) 6,226 -
7 Mike Oxlong (#33) 6,123 -
8 👻 Blinky 🍒 (#18) 6,081 -
9 Leonard Susskind (#24) 5,971 1
10 Nox Nox whos there (#36) 5,949 1

Welcome to OpenDominion!

OpenDominion is a free online text-based strategy game in a medieval fantasy setting. You control a nation called a 'dominion', along with its resources, buildings, land and units. You are placed in a realm with other dominions and you must work together to make your realm the wealthiest and most powerful in the current round!

OpenDominion is a free and open source remake of Dominion from Kamikaze Games, which ran from 2000 to 2012 before stopping indefinitely .

To start playing, register an account and sign up for a round after registration. If you already have an account, login instead.

To help you get started, please consult the following resources:

Do note that OpenDominion is still in development and not all features from Dominion are present in OpenDominion.

Also feel free to join the OpenDominion Discord server ! It's the main place for game announcements, game-related chat and development chat.

OpenDominion is open source software and can be found on GitHub .